Heat Transport Enhancement of Monogroove Heat Pipe with Electrohydrodynamic Pumping

  The enhancement of the heat transport capacity of a monogroove heat pipe with electrohydrodynamic (EHD) pumping was investigated. The EHD pump was located on the liquid channel in the adiabatic section of the heat pipe. The heat pipe fluid used in all experiments was R-123, an alternative refrigerant. The two experimental goals were to determine the magnitude of heat transport enhancement that could be achieved using the EHD pump and to demonstrate the controllability and recovery of the heat pipe during dryout. Both were successfully accomplished. Over 100% enhancement in the transport capacity was achieved using the EHD pump operating at 20 kV. This enhancement could be maintained with less than 0.08 W of electric power to the EHD pump. The EHD pump was also able to provide immediate recovery from dryout when the heat pipe had been experiencing progressive evaporator dryout for over 70 min at 400 W.