The Multi-Scale Heat Transfer (MHT) Laboratory focuses on theoretical, numerical and experimental studies in Heat Transfer and Mass Transport Enhancement in Micro, Meso and Nano Scales, in Single-Phase and Two-Phase Flows, in the Presence and Absence of Gravity

   The MHT Laboratory also focuses on Electrohydrodynamics (EHD) in multi-scale and multi-phase, on heat and mass transfer in porous media (Drying), on the enhancement of forced and free convection heat transfer using micro-encapsulated phase change materials (MEPCM) and on the augmentation of heat and mass transfer using innovative impinging jets. Research at the MHT Laboratory also includes the development of EHD actuators, two-phase heat transport systems for space/microgravity applications, and pumping of micro liquid films for flow management in phase change devices.
   For example, the laboratory features custom-made single-phase and two-phase electrically driven heat transport devices and state of the art two-phase flow experimental apparatuses. A unique facility for measuring the electrical conductivity and permittivity of dielectric fluids within a wide range of temperature and pressure is availble in the laboratory as well as equipment for observation of phase change in condensation and evaporation.

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The research carried out in the MHT Laboratory is financially supported by the federal government and industry corporations.

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